Therefore Looking at the current policy environment and societal challenges, the NGOs and alliances, which remained, worked on various developmental programs and campaign in their own capacity either as a single entity or in joint collaboration with other similar organizations, decided to join hands together at one platform. It was therein decided that such an alliance would be formed and would be called Pakistan Development Alliance (PDA).  Many of its members have been part of GCAP-Pakistan, Peoples’ Awareness & Rights Committees Networks (PARC-Networks), and Parwan Alliance.

This action would help PDA to emerge as a stronger platform of national NGOs to voice for better governance and accountability of commitments for sustainable development made under Agenda 2030. PDA will have more effective engagement with governments and private sector due to combined bargaining power of the members, and broader representation of Pakistan at regional and international forums. Apart from these positive spillovers, PDA is now planning for large-scale interventions backed by more intense mobilization, awareness, lobbying, advocacy and public policy engagements around sustainable development goals Agenda 2030. The PDA is responsible for fulfilling the development sector’s needs and opportunities and will particularly facilitate the global and regional alliances, campaigns, funding agencies INGOs, governments and private sector to achieve commitments made under MDGs/ SDGs.